Monday, July 27, 2009

Chirashi Roundup

You can give me twenty lashes with a wet udon noodle if you wish, but I sure find it difficult to keep up with writing a blog with any amount of consistency. So I’m trying kind of a different format, which may allow me to post with a little more frequency.

I ran across this article in my hometown newspaper, The San Francisco Chronicle, which has some good tips for traveling on the cheap in Japan for those without any knowledge of Japanese. I love Shinjuku, but I’ve never been to Yakitori Alley so that was a new one on me.

And Mail Online offers up a very nice overview of Tokyo, my favorite city in the world (with San Francisco as a very close second and Manhattan as third). Many foreigners who travel or live in Japan are partial to Kyoto and while I like it there, I consider myself a Tokyo girl. Some nice photos here too.

And if you’re an otaku or just play one on TV, you’ll want to check out a review in The Japan Times on two new books: The Otaku Encyclopedia and Otaku: Japan’s Database Animals. Read more on the latter at the publisher’s site here.

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