Monday, April 13, 2009

The Cat Cafes of Tokyo

According to the Global Post, cat cafes are all the rage in Tokyo. Japanese love their nekos (cats) and cafes with names like Nekorobi, Cat Cafe Rien, Calico, and Cateriam are springing up all over. They’re perfect if you work long hours, have to be away a lot on business or live in an apartment that forbids pets, but need some feline companionship to keep you happy. It’s not free to frolic with the kitties and there are rules: no kids under 10 allowed, no cat nip or cat food, and no holding or petting a cat if it resists you.

Maybe I’ll start charging visitors who want to come and pet my cat Meow. And the privilege of cleaning out her litter box will of course cost extra.

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